Tim Durfee

I fell in love with virtualization more than 10 years ago. I started out as a Windows Administrator and slowly moved into the application virtualization with Citrix. It seemed like the appropriate move since the applications that reside within Citrix generally run within the Windows OS.

After a couple of years of that, I moved more towards VMware and I was hooked. Really hooked! I found myself creating a fairly large home lab just so I had a place to intake the amount of information out there. This lab has gone through a few iterations and now it’s something I can really test out almost any scenario I feel I want to learn (this is in part due to the VMUG and vExpert licensing allowing me to deploy many of VMware’s products).

I’ve gone from just a System Administrator to Lead Engineer to Infrastructure Architect. It’s been quite a ride. As I get more and more involved, I found myself picking up PowerShell and C#. When VMware released PowerCLI, I was ecstatic. My other passion is automation. PowerCLI fit right into that. Many of my automation projects revolve mostly around VMware products. While working at one of my positions, SRM was incompatible with VPLEX so I duplicated the SRM functionality with PowerShell/PowerCLI. It was one of my better coding moments. I am now pushing into Windows forms so our great operations teams have easy to use tools to do a multitude of activities.

I am now moving into a hybrid of private cloud and public cloud. I truly see many larger companies adopting the hybrid model, so this seemed like a fairly ideal move.

NSX is also looking to be my next challenge. Software Defined Networks are extremely interesting. I’ve always had a fascination with networking and NSX gets me into that fairly quickly. As I move forward with NSX, I hope to incorporate that into this blog.



I hold some older certifications that don’t end up showing in Acclaim: