Dell IDSDM not showing as a boot device Dell R640

Firstly I like these servers. They brought back the control panel/LCD on the front which is REALLY helpful when you are on the phone to someone remote. And the hardware you can run on them is amazing (2×28 core CPUs, 32TB RAM, NVDIMM support, M.2 support etc etc). 

However, one box I built for vSAN, caught me out.

No mater how may complete power downs, shutdowns, reboots and firmware upgrades I couldn’t get the Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM) to show.

As you can see, no IDSDM
But it lists on Integrated Devices
However, from the DRAC it was there and happy. Although I couldn’t update its firmware.
I spoke to Dell to make sure I wasn’t going mental. They asked me to run through the ESXi install to see if ESXi could see it. And then, as if by magic, boom it worked. I could see the IDSDM along side my virtual optical drive and the other goodies you get from iDRAC

It appears it just needed a nudge and virtual media from iDRAC did it.
Hopefully this helps someone else who likes to configure their BIOS/ boot devices before they install.

This article and was done in coordination with Chris McChesney and Virtually Trivial.

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